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The best thing about Pappy was the little songs he would sing to us.

Dearest Emily,



When I was a little girl like you are now...this jingle was played on the radio and we would sing along to it. I never had a pair of Buster Brown Shoes though...as they were a more costly shoe than my Mommy and Daddy could buy for me. I am the middle child of five children. My Mommy stayed home and took care of the house, our clothes, cooked, and baked. We had only one car which my Dad drove to work and earned the money that was used for daily living expenses.

Oh yeah, Pappy was never known as a class act...but he was well liked and everyone that knew him called him; "Pappy".
We always had such fun in our family and our grand father who we called Pappy moved in to live with us when I was four going on five. His house was destroyed by the 1955 Flood* which was caused by hurricane Diane in the Forks of the Delaware area in which we lived. We just loved having Pappy live with us. He was so much fun to have around. He would make us French toast and he called it egg bread. He would make a puddle of melted butter in the center and sprinkle on lots of sugar. Boy was Pappy's egg bread yummy!

The best thing about Pappy was the little naughty songs he would sing to us. We in turn learned them and taught them to our friends in the neighborhood. Now, Pappy's songs just had a few little bad words...not real bad words...but the kind you know you should not say around grown ups. But, Pappy was just like one of us...we didn't think of him as a grown up. Here is one of our favorites:

Way down south where the grass grows green,
The bull frog jumped in the sewing machine,
The sewing machine went around so fast...
it sewed ten stitches in the bullfrogs a*s!

Oh, how we would giggle and laugh, and the more you laughed around Pappy the more he sang...

There was a dog, his name was Jack
He pooped(sh*t)all over the rail road track.
The train came by the poop(sh*t) flew high,
and hit the conductor right in the eye!


Gene, Gene he made a machine,
Joe, Joe made it go...
Frank, Frank, turned the crank...
His father came out and gave him a spank
and knocked him over the cinder bank.
Gene, Gene he made a machine,
Joe, Joe made it go...
Art, Art left a fart,
and blew the machine all apart!

Oh yeah, Pappy was never known as a class act...but he was well liked and everyone that knew him called him; "Pappy". We had that engraved on his head stone at his grave site. He passed on at the age of eighty-nine in March of 1989. He was never bed ridden and went shopping with my Mom the week before he passed on.

Pepsi Cola Hits The Spot...
twelve full ounces,
that's a lot...
Twice as much for a nickel too!
Pepsi Cola is the drink for you!

My Dad taught us this jingle, when we were little. Pepsi was no longer a nickel when I was a child...but it was ten cents for the full twelve ounces. My goodness...today(2001)...I suppose...twelve ounces of Pepsi would cost over a dollar.

Mom taught us a few cute little ditties that are semi-naughty. She heard a friend of our family sing them. His name was Donald Ebbersoll and I think he either lost touch with the family or passed on before I was born. But, the stories Mom told about him...he seemed like a very funny man. Here are two of his versions of nursery rhymes:

Mary had a little lamb,
she fed it Caster Oil.
Every where the lambie went ...
he fertilized the soil.


Old Mother Hubbard...
went to the cupboard,
to get her poor daughter a dress.
When she got there...
the cupboard was bare,
and so was her daughter I guess!

What I have always loved most about these ditties and jingles is teaching them to others. So, Emily I would like you to know that some will think that I am naughty for teaching you the naughty little ditties...but as long as you make sure you don't sing them around grown ups/stuffed shirts...you will be OK. Oh, and when you get caught by a grown up...make sure to blame some other kid when they ask where you heard it.

I will end this letter with a cute jingle that I learned from a television commercial when I was a child...and they may have sold me one box of this candy...but I didn't buy another...yuk!

Once upon a time there was an engineer...
Choo-Choo Charlie was his name we hear,
He had an engine and he sure had fun,
He used Good and Plenty candy ... to make his train run.

Charlie says, love my Good and Plenty,
Charlie says, really rings my bell,
Charlie says, love my Good and Plenty...
Don't know any other candy that I love so well.
Choo, Choo, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga...

Emily, when you grow up, I sure hope you have as many fun memories of your child hood as I do of mine. I will write another letter next week and tell you about the fun I had with your great aunts; Irene and Ruth Ann in our Mommy's attic when we were little. Until next week remember... I love you more than chocolate covered peanut butter cups...and you know how much I love them! So, sweet little Butter Cup..."Bloom where you are planted!"

Copyright Diane Hoffman 2001